Building Control

Building Regulations

Building Regulations approvals can be sought either from the building control department at the local authority or from an approved inspector. In either case, a fee will be payable, relative to the type of building and the construction cost. Fee schedules can be obtained from the building control department of the local authority. 

Generally on larger, new-build projects, a ‘full plans’ application will be made, meaning that full details of the proposed building works are submitted for approval before the works are carried out. On small projects, or when changes are made to an existing building, approval may be sought by giving a ‘building notice’. In this case, a building inspector will approve the works as they are carried out by a process of inspection. This does leave the client at risk that completed works might not be approved, resulting in remedial costs.

Full plans approvals are also subject to inspection during the course of the works at stages decided by the local authority (typically during the construction of foundations, damp proof courses and drains and perhaps other key stages), but as long as the work is carried out in accordance with the approved design, the risk of problems is very much reduced.

It is important to ensure that a completion certificate is sought from the approving body as evidence that the works comply with the regulations. 

Failure to comply with the Building Regulations can result in a fine and/or an enforcement notice requiring rectification of the works. 

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